You don’t need to be a Commercial Agent to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate.

Keep and Eye Out for These Opportunities


CCP provides local market knowledge with national and international exposure. This is coupled with advertising experience and a unique approach to utilize and leverage marketing resources. Investors, Landlords and Tenants partnering with CCP receive a significant advantage.


Office landlords and tenants rely on CCP's intimate knowledge of the local office markets and existing tenant base to successfully negotiate winning deals. CCP has specialized knowledge in all types of office leasing and provides you the highest level of representation in the industry.


CCP's industrial experts continually stay up-to-date on the latest national and international economic issues and real estate trends. We achieve industrial real estate superiority and excellence for our client base by providing an unsurpassed combination of expertise, experience, talent and resources. As a result, our industrial specialists provide best-in-class service to all of our clients. Our brokers offer local market expertise with worldwide reach through an innovative and integrated platform of commercial real estate.


The cheapest lease is the one well negotiated, not just from the perspective of monthly costs, but also from the perspective of avoiding the misunderstandings and pitfalls that can lead to legal issues or complications. Legal solutions are expensive, both in the time they take and the monetary expenses incurred. An office, industrial or retail lease is a major commitment. While the cost of leasing space will significantly affect your bottom line, there are also many other important factors such as employee satisfaction and customer impressions. Having an expert on your team, in tune with the market and understanding your needs, will make a significant difference in your commercial space search and negotiation outcome.


When purchasing a multi-family property, there are many items to consider during the process. Assignment of Lease, Pro-Rated Rents, Transfer of Security Deposits, Notice to Tenants and Real Estate Transfer Tax to name a few. Not only is it important to research the property itself but also the neighborhood for other multi-family buildings nearby. CCP provides superior market knowledge and can deliver valuation and a thorough analysis of the market.


As our population increases, land becomes an increasingly scarce commodity. This has resulted in land development becoming increasingly challenging. There are more government regulations and impact fees today than ever before. A host of local restrictions can also add to the difficulty of development. CCP possesses an exceptional understanding of the complex factors that influence the land brokerage transaction and subsequent development.


CCP's experts understand the unique challenges of dealing with REO and non-performing asset issues. We will put together a comprehensive plan to bring prompt resolution as we help to navigate the challenges of loss mitigation. Our mission is to provide you with the solutions you need to analyze, acquire, manage, reposition and dispose of all types of distressed commercial real estate properties.


Resorts, Hotels, Golf and Leisure properties are unique in the commercial real estate industry. It requires a distinctive understanding to best serve these clients. CCP brings a strong understanding of the hospitality industry and the leverage of our national and integration partners to form a platform from which to provide unsurpassed professional real estate services.